Stonehenge – Paul Oakenfold & Carl Cox

If someone would have said to me last year “next year you’ll be shooting Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox at a gig at Stonehenge” – I would have first laughed very loudly, suggested they put that drink down and pointed out that the Rolling Stones tried and failed to play there. Turns out though, that’s exactly what I’ve just done!

Learning about this event a little while ago sent shivers down my spine, two of the greatest, most accomplished DJs of all time performing at one of the Wonders of Worlds – get me a piece of that please!

With just an intimate crowd of 50 guests, Paul and Carl became the first ever DJs to play on this hallowed ground and all the proceeds from this exclusive event have gone to further help English Heritage protect this iconic site. Oakenfold’s sunset set was recorded to be later released as an album aptly named ‘Live at Stonehenge” and is the first in the ‘Origins’ series from Universe which is to celebrate music, performance and knock out production that will stand these events out from others.

Taking the shots you can see below definitely felt like something pretty special, from the early photos where you can see the excitement building, to the sun setting behind Oakenfold as he made history, to Carl Cox changing the tempo as the darkness came and the light show kicked off.

There’s only so much you can say about this gig, only so many words that can describe it but I think I’ve found one that sums it up pretty well – epic.