Corporate Projects 2018

There are many professions where having a good portrait shot is now a vital part of your or your company’s marketing. Gone are the days (thankfully) where stock photos littered a business website, you turned up to meet a potential client or company you’d like to work with and not one face seemed recognisable! Plus, some of those stock photos are pretty cringe inducing…

As part of my main body of work has always been producing stylish, clear and high quality portrait images to act as press photos for music artistes, it is a perfectly transferrable skill that I can take to businesses to produce the perfect head shots of their staff. These images can act as a great way of putting the personality behind your company on your website and marketing material.

In recent weeks I’ve been pretty busy snapping away for a variety of industries, below you’ll find some examples – if you’re interested in having a profile shoot for your business, please do get in touch.

Havas Just

This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure to work with HAVAS Just – an award winning¬†integrated healthcare communications consultancy. These guys know that first impressions count so I’m always honoured that they call on me when it comes to putting a face to their business.

The backdrop for the two shoots has been their incredible office space in London, with fantastic light and plenty of places to make each photo seem completely individual and gives the images a real personal feel.



Charters Estate Agents is a well known, established business and one that’s just undergone a major rebrand so it was important to them that their staff images reflected the same modern, professional and relaxed style that aligns with their new website and long known reputation.

Over the course of the shoot I captured images of over 80 staff – each in a friendly, approachable style that will allow potential buyers and sellers to instantly recognise the individuals they have been speaking to over the phone and on email.

In today’s market it’s so important to stand out from the crowd and with these photos and Charter’s new look branding, I think they’ve done exactly that.



Doswell is a family run property development company that has recently had a brand new website and they wanted to bring it to life with photos of all their team. As they concentrate their efforts on small, luxury developments they often all personally meet their clients so including head shots on their new site quickly became a priority during the design phase – and I was very happy to help!

The glorious weather we’ve had this year has worked perfectly for many of my jobs and this was no exception. Along with taking photos of all the staff I was lucky enough to also take some of their stunning properties and “in-progress” builds, a great insight into what Doswell’s produce.




David Lloyd

David Lloyd is a national leisure centre brand that prides itself on a community feel for its members, so it’s important for them to have staff photos around the centre and on all the marketing so their team become instantly recognisable and their customers can always find who they need to speak to or are having a lesson / session with.

I headed to my local branch recently to capture images of their latest recruits to do exactly that.