Red Bull 3Style Championship – Krakow – Poland

To quote the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff “It’s the best DJ competition in the world and it picks the best party rocker in the world”, so I was pretty excited to be invited to document this event and all that would unfold!

This year’s Red Bull 3Style World Final headed out to Poland, so I packed up my kit and set off to join them for a 5 night extravaganza of flips, scratches, tricks and beats – DJs come from all around the globe to battle it out in 15 minute slots, some of which managed to squeeze in up to 50 tracks as they spill the ultimate talent over the adoring and mesmerised crowd… with me absolutely being one of them!

The amount of practice these guys and gals must put on behind the scenes gave this event a a truly incredible atmosphere and the appreciation of their fans and peers was palpable and I think really plain to see in the images I came away with.

It might have been absolutely bloody freezing outside but the heat inside this event was intense, especially when Italy’s Damianito lifted that unforgettable trophy!

You can check out the facts, figures and highlights from their performances here –